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  • "I’ll have my doc asses it but just wanted to know if you knew before I call on Monday Most likely asthma"
  • "For the past few months I’ve been having abnormal breathing. Every time I go for air, I stop before I can get my full amount of breathing. I"
  • "Um if no blood was present then by all means jump out all windows and be happy"
  • Mods
    "One more advice: Don’t do to much maturing because you at your age should have fun and live the life you want to live at that m"
  • Tbh
    "Um thanks I guess Brycen"
  • Mods
    "Start by having little habits of maturity and in this case go first step back and look into how your actions are towards people. Thus, from ..."
  • Tbh
    "Idk how this works but I saw some people do it so yeah"
  • "If you’re vaccinated and you know it lol"
  • "I mean if that’s what it takes when your happy"
  • ""
  • Goodnight
    "It’s that time of the day lol Goodnight"
  • Spice Rack 2
    "Never mind you’re going to neverland for 1 sec and then back"
  • Hello GTQ
    "Ok ok I’m joking or I’d have a power I could show you like banning or posting something"
  • Spice Rack 2
    "Spice you are now on the wanted list. A bounty of 1 Hawaiian dollar is on you"

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