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  • Dark!!!!
    "It's gay it has been made as a means to murder me"
  • Dark!!!!
    "But my doctor said this stuff is bad for my help. If I vomit anymore my heart is going to stop beating! If you care about me living or dying..."
  • "I see why they banned LGBT that stuff is Gross , it's worse than p---"
  • Dark!!!!
    "Can you delete this thread please you'll see why when you click on it, it's called soap anyone? And it's been made by goes a..."
  • "Sarah"
  • "Hi Raven puppet has your accoutn can you make him give it to me? Because I'm your friend."
  • Awesomeness
    "I'm so hungry hey guys come hang with me!"
  • Awesomeness
    "Ew. That's so gross I don't want to even here about it they need to take that out of the show Back guys So any way I'm so awe"
  • the swag aka emmalee
    "GoToQuiz. Unfortunately, l may not post for awhile. Anyways, l must get going. Goodbye lovely souls! 2016-03-30 16:27:26 Johnnykills "
  • the swag aka emmalee
  • the swag aka emmalee
    "Oh my god Heartfall your gay! Just leave . Emma needs to be alone to kill herself"
  • the swag aka emmalee
    "Uhm I'm Slayerbrine! GOM or puppet ( You know Eve this girl who says she's a boy? XD ) hacked me! Anyway God doesn't want whores lik"
  • the swag aka emmalee
    "Yes he is XD Emma you need to stop flirting and kill yourself. you have had sex before marriage and you're a drugged up whore..."
  • Pheonix!
    "Plz don't post in here. GOM / puppet f--- off!"
  • The Masters
    "To hi laughed cruelly as he looked at her " Why hello beautiful " he hissed as he leered at her."

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