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  • Dead sites are dead
    "Well you shouldn't ask if it's something stupid. Weevile: Weevile..>.>"
  • Dead sites are dead
    "Who? Heph? She hasn't changed it much in months because her laptop is screwing with her. But she changes it alot because she can, it's a ner..."
  • Dead sites are dead
    "It is a killing face. Hmph."
  • "I don't have any with me. Mostly because I don't catch many pokemon anymore. So yeah. Vulpix:*bites Sneasel* Sneasel:*"
  • "And you expect me to give you one? Sneasel:*returns, holding Vulpix and the pokedex in her arms* Snease. >.>"
  • "Can't you get one yourself?"
  • "Sneasel ran off to find it. When I find out who owns that Vulpix..."
  • *walks into offbeat*
    "I didn't say pokemon were useless, I said Vulpix was useless, moron. Sneasel: *grabs Pikachu's tail, uses shadow claw with ot"
  • *walks into offbeat*
    "Sneasel: *blocks with iron claw* *ignores dark, just takes the abuse* Hmph."
  • *walks into offbeat*
    "Sneasel: *appears, deflecting the lightning bolt with claws* *is tackled, doesn't care*"
  • *walks into offbeat*
    "She is useless. You all just are too weak to see it."
  • *walks into offbeat*
    "I honestly don't care. I worked hard to fill that pokedex and I'd prefer it not to be destroyed by a half pint useless rat."
  • *walks into offbeat*
    "Dark. I'm not letting her eat my pokedex, alright."
  • *walks into offbeat*
    "That's my pokedex... Sheesh, Vulpix, why do you do this? Vulpix: Vul.."
  • *walks into offbeat*
    "Vulpix:*hides behind Anri from Silver and Mwah* *facepalm, picks up pokedex* Thanks for that, Vulpix.."

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