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  • The egg 2.0
    "I've talked to one of them last year with some of my closest friends in that group and the reason I talked to them in the first place and sh..."
  • Welcome to my world
    "(there's only a posting order if someone says they want a posting order)"
  • The egg 2.0
    "Sure tell me your advice and cousin literally no one but them like things I like, and I already went through hell just trying to find out wh..."
  • Letter Association Game!
  • Welcome to my world
    "Imma start this now) Alexei looked at the royals surrounding him. "Idiots" he thought to himself, but started their meeting any"
  • The egg 2.0
    "Thanks they don't really pay attention to me and Everytime I talk around them I can tell they're annoyed"
  • Hey spice
    "(me: pfft) "What does that mean?" Elra asked. Meanwhile Victor was typing after a failed attempt to fall asleep."
  • ""y-you really.. you would help freaks like us escape?" Tank said in surprise"
  • Easter/Wester rp
    "Egg: *whispers back* perfect"
  • Hey spice
    ""wow, he's going to sleep really early for him." Elra said. Victor usually sleeps at two a.m. if not later Elra thought"
  • Deadline
    ""well gotta go." Screech said hanging up."
  • My R
    ""c'mon Elra he's the one that trapped me, and he's harboring a cat from realm three." Alexei said."
  • The mononoke war
    "Toka marched down his halls ordering every soldier to go to the front gate. "I can't believe my generals today." He grumbled kicking die the..."
  • Ripper's Edge
    "Oof, I know how that is"
  • "Tenebrae from tales of symphonia dawn of the new world"

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