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  • "Spice Dragon Pepper Mika Pag That's all folks"
  • Compound dreams
    "Lately I've been getting weird nightmares, that are different stories mashed together in one dream, I don't wake up in between dreams and th..."
  • Baby hotline
    "Good morning gtq"
  • Baby hotline
    "I can barely breathe and the room is burning up"
  • In the dark
  • Baby hotline
    "Hello cats"
  • Baby hotline
    "Allergies are kicking my but today"
  • Baby hotline
    "Hi tat"
  • Baby hotline
    "I don't use this account nearly enough"
  • Baby hotline
    "I also hate the band teacher"
    "Omgee amununununus? amununununus sus!"
  • Baby hotline
    "I really hate My Math teacher"
  • Baby hotline
    "Sometimes I wish I lived in a perfect bubble where things were happy all the time, I guess that's why I have Armageddon"
  • A typical Sunday at work.
    "That's so silly"
  • Baby hotline

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