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  • Cavernclan
    "Ps- this is Lucky!!)"
  • Cavernclan
    "It's fine! I only meant that I wish you would read what happened. I didn't know you were on so short. So it's fine, I didn't know. My bad!!)..."
  • WoS database.
    "Name: Luna Gender: Female Pack: Nega Moon Rank: Omega Fur: Silver, with dark gray stripes Eyes: dark blue"
  • WoS database.
    "Imma make a list too.) Solana- Female Sunray Beta Zanthar- Nega Moon alpha male Scarlet- Nega Moon omega female"
  • WoS database.
    "This is a cool thread!) Name: Scarlet Gender: Female Pack: Nega Moon Rank: Omega Fur: unique dark"
  • "Splash nodded. "Yes, I heard from Tail that the tribe-of-darkest-night is doing poorly, although I'm not sure how she would know...""
  • Cavernclan
    "Thanks! You do too. :3) Sweetpaw padded outside, yawning. "Morning Whitefang. I heard Blizzardpaw got Finchbreeze for a mento"
  • "Splash smiled. "That would be great! I bet they'd be adorable." She meowed. (Are they still to be's after the time skip?)"
  • "I'll make a male too. :D) Name: Gorblin Pack: Ultra Violet Fur: Tan, with faint darker brown stripes Eye"
  • "Solana- I watch the pack carefully from the bushes. I can't wait for an opportunity to attack them. Once a loner, always a loner. I will not..."
  • Wolves of Stargaze
    "Zanthar- I watch my son carefully. "What's wrong?" I ask Zarra. She's panting and looks nervous. I pad over to mate. "Is it another pack?!" ..."
  • "Can I join? Name: Solana Rank-Female loner, who dislikes the Moonpack Fur: Thick and pale orangey-cream colored"
  • Phineas & Ferb RP??
    "I'll join! I'll be Phineas. :3"
  • Wolves of Memoria
    "Mira- I spy Arrow coming out of the Alpha's den. "What happened? Are you in trouble?""
  • Wolves of Stargaze
    "Zanthar padded up to his son. "Kedua." He barked gruffly. "I just want to remind you to stay away from the other packs. Especially Ultra Vio..."

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