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  • nnnnnnnnnn
    "Thank you! Now, I have to go to school. Bye bye Darkle Sparkle"
  • nnnnnnnnnn
    "Take a photo I wanna see Shido, nice description"
  • nnnnnnnnnn
    "What's gonna happen?"
  • nnnnnnnnnn
    "WHAT EFFECTS? *fail*"
  • nnnnnnnnnn
    "... *confuzzled*"
  • nnnnnnnnnn
    "Wait, you want to see what happen to the moon?"
  • nnnnnnnnnn
  • "Look up the side effects of the poison"
  • >geek here
    "I'll email you in a minute."
  • No Subject
    "Where do you live? Like land, continent?"
  • That was odd.
    "The shadows are back O.o XD"
  • "It's okay. That was fun and confusing XD Nothing much. I just showered now I'm wrapped in a nice fuzzy blanket "
  • No Subject
    "He did a lot of things wrong but he did a lot of things right too. I wish he'd passed on his economical genius to Zuma here in South Africa"
  • No Subject
    "Us too. We spent a whole term just learning about him. But the teacher said the same thing over and over again, so we found a way to enterta..."
  • "Oh, you're the right Ruri XD It's DeathStar321. Long story short, my account was hacked."

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