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  • Oh, f--- the world.
    "...Just for that, no. *snatches Ryder's cup* *throws it at him* Where's Peter? Thoma"
  • Oh, f--- the world.
    "*shrugs* No one told me to be nice. Thomas: *moves, picking Ana up* *slight frown* Sorry, love. I don't thin"
  • Oh, f--- the world.
    "I'm not odd. :I *throws empty coffee cup at him* *mock sigh* Ryder: Why don't you, I dunno, go rape "
  • Oh, f--- the world.
    "Ryder: *giggle fit* Wouldn't you like to do that. *coffee spilled down the front of her shirt* *dramatic groan* "
  • "Glitch: Yeah. Are you going to kill it? Mhm...At some point. *shrugs* *nomming on a cookie* "

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