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  • A Rift in the Void
  • Videogame Life
    "Nah i was just poking my head in while i waited for my computer to cool down. Ill prob join in later tho"
  • Videogame Life
    "You dont have to break rules to cause stupid things and mayhem to happen"
  • Videogame Life
    "You made a thread about video game character in the place with immature people. Hope your prepared for the inevitable chaos lol"
  • Videogame Life
    "Mistakes where made boyo"
  • 5
    "(Skip me my brain is doin a dumb)"
  • Rp anyone?
    "Phen grinned in amusement"
  • Broken God
    "Sgrios slowly fell unconscious"
  • The northerners
    "Ganz watched curiously Cross opened the door and went inside"
  • The String
    "Myriad tilted hia head in confusion"
  • Broken God
    "Sgrios whined softly at her, the lines on his face flicking strangely"
  • Rp anyone?
    "Phen nodded and pets the feline"
  • Broken God
    "Sgrios mumbled something but it didnt really make any sense, his fingers twitching"
  • The northerners
    "Ganz nodded "ok" Cross looked around as they soon arived at the building"
  • Broken God
    "Sgrios sluggishly reacted to her speaking to him, having lost a lot of blood"

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