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  • How Well Do You Know Sigh?
    [published: Aug 25, 2010, 2 comments]

    How well do you know Sigh? They are a Metal band I like very much and I decided to make a quiz, (Only……

  • What Flower Are You?
    [published: Aug 11, 2010, 4 comments]

    What flower are you? Flowers are beautiful plants that bloom in the meadows forever. I only chose five……

  • What Gemstone Are You?
    [published: Aug 02, 2010, 21 comments]

    There are many gemstones out there. But I only picked five. Jade (Green), Tiger-Eye (Yellow/brown),……

  • What Color Are You?
    [published: Aug 02, 2010, 7 comments]

    What color are you? I've chosen 4, which are Blue, Green, Yellow and Red. Which are you? Blue as in sad, or……

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  • HEYO
    "I think I will too, I hate my name. -______- Brb then."
  • My new website
    "Bunnies' ass kisser."
  • HEYO
    "Yah, but Chan is so stupid at disguising himself. Damn you timelimit."
  • HEYO
    "@Biance: We already know that, dude. "
  • hav u ever noticed.....
    "Yah, they're just making it even more and more worse. :P It makes you wonder who started this."
  • HEYO
    "I'm not stupid, you're so obvious, dude."
  • HEYO
    "I'm still certain that you're Chan, fuktard."
  • hav u ever noticed.....
    "Yah, so we can be rid of them, fukin' losers."
  • HEYO
    "Now we KNOW that you're Chan, retard."
  • HEYO
    "Blacky Chan, some retard that keeps wondering if I like him or not."
  • hav u ever noticed.....
    "Yah, just some loser that has nothing to do, and needs to die."
  • HEYO
    "Chan talks like you. I'm sure you're Chan."
  • hav u ever noticed.....
    "Me too, just to show how much this thing is actual sh1t."
  • HEYO
    "You're Chan."
  • hav u ever noticed.....
    "MaryAnn must die, that thing is so crap."

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