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  • "Calm down edgelord"
  • Comfort food suggestions?
    "I’m in a really bad place right now, and I’d like to have some new comfort foods and recipes, since that’s how I deal with stress, Jus"
  • Heph's thread
    "Cloud, stfu"
  • Reno!
    "I...missed you too idiot."
  • Reno!
    "...aerith is pretty cute I guess"
  • Reno!
    "I don’t regret snapping at you, I needed you to stay away. You’re so curious."
  • Reno!
    "Yeah well....18 years is a big difference to six years"
  • Reno!
    "Just wait. I’ll come around eventually dumb---"
  • Reno!
    "Yeah well this is a rather intimate conversation... Yeah yeah, whatever I’m a real sentimental guy."
  • Reno!
    "Don’t mention it, don’t make this excessively fluffy or some s---...I’m just looking out for my friend"
  • Reno!
    "Who the f--- are you?"
  • Reno!
    "I may not be physically present but I’ve been looking out for you for as long as I knew you were alive."
  • Reno!
    "You’re...sweet. I care about you a lot."
  • Reno!
    "Look this is non canonical, therefore you can’t be killed for existing. So yeah...I care about you dumb---"
  • "Me too, Mammon."

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