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  • the last hope
    "Remeius was thrown back and formed into a demon"
  • the last hope
    "He kicked grimjaw in the face and throw fire at his leg"
  • the last hope
    "He gasped knowing this was bad news he formed fire on his palms prepared to fight "Tamashi!" He screamed"
  • "It is huh," he paused "and way calmer too!" He got a rock and skipped in on the pond then laid back down"
  • Girl and Guy
    "Remeius found himself in the corridor of the ice castle "Alright the mission is to find the ice crystal ball its said to have"
  • Girl and Guy
    "Shadow: "Lets kick some frozen butt... Remeius keep cool.." She said with a chuckle. Even though she was dark she still made bad jokes "
  • "Oh ok) He laughed and did the same "you nut!" He said happily"
  • the last hope
    "I'm Remeius, who are you!!" He said looking at all the destruction"
  • the last hope
    "Oh God" he muttered and summoned his wings."
  • "?!?) Yeah that the search is finally over" he said and flopped on the ground with plush green grass"
  • The Hunger Games
    "The train stopped and she went outside. They made thier way to the 7th floor . She went to her room and toke a shower then went to the dinn..."
  • "They had a hard time but they kept looking. He leaded her to a park. They headed deep into the trees after about two minutes they were compl..."
  • "Hmm lets just walk that way then." He said and headed west"
  • "He smiled "where would one be anyway??" He asked and his brows twisted thinking harder about it"

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