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  • Who wants Misty gone?
    "i would need to know the whole story"
  • How were you raised
    "i was raised in a non religious house hold i was never baptized and i never went to church but even still i would say i was raised with goo..."
  • "true rather unfortunate considering his story is very interesting to learn about maybe it would encourage people who think learning about hi..."
  • Do you believe in God?
    "no i do not i did not grow up in a very religious household we never went to church and i was not baptized as a baby i don't really mind t..."
  • "nope he was more then that people need to read there history books again and pay more attention"
  • skyrim build: wendigo
    "need some help i want to make a wendigo build in skyrim but i need some help[ with making it any suggestions on how to do so would be greatl..."

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