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  • how do i delete my acount
    "plz help "
  • how do i delete my acount
    "hey i was wondering how do i delete my acount??"
  • Peoples choice awards
    "NO WAY T S is beast."
  • Does he like me?
    "have 1 of youre friends talk 2 him and say Friend:hay do u like ______ Boy:yes or no Friend:oh ok then they tel"
  • seinfeld
    "well ok i got to go i have a report 2 do talk to you tomarrow around 4:00 happy new year :)"
  • seinfeld
    "r u still there "
  • seinfeld
    "omg i cant upload a pic to my acount "
  • seinfeld
    "do u have a webkinz "
  • seinfeld
    "well thanx 4 givin :)"
  • seinfeld
    "sorry i made u take it so many times forgive me please"
  • seinfeld
    "thanx sooooooooo much you r the best"
  • seinfeld
    "well i was actually reading something on here and it said that if u repeadingly take the quiz it only counts as 1 time so only take it 1 tim..."
  • seinfeld
    "oh well i took my quiz like 10 times by just clicking my page as 50% so it's really small and clicking the first one on each w/out reading t..."
  • seinfeld
    "hikaru r u still there"
  • "hay ya know there;s no words in the theme song "

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