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  • "I feel so anxious...so lost...so shocked...so confused...but... I admit something. I had a cr"
  • "You know what... I'm just going to..."
  • "Maybe I should leave. Stop being an Eva. Stop being a stupid. Stop being me. All of that and more falls under being "
  • "I would appreciate it if I were put out of my misery. And it didn't take long. I knew I'd be like this again. I wan"
  • "I don't understand anything, and it's bad for me to feel this way because I NEED to understand so I can assess things."
  • "And thinking about it makes me feel so queasy."
  • "I feel torn, ashamed, lost, and hated. Everything is contradicting and nothing makes sense anymore. So, why would I want to rem"
  • "I try so hard not to think of it, and I think this is why I have so much trouble staying sober. I don't want to acknowledge anything. "
  • "I feel guilt and weight just by existing, and bottling up everything is just intensifying it all. And I.... I just....."
  • "...feel like I'm drowning in my thoughts again. I want to go to NC. There's a chance that my mom might go, but my dad says that"
  • Ripper's Edge
    "Fun fact: Raikov has gay...and hot... That's the difference between Raiden and Raikov. It was a joke on Raiden's half to have R"
  • Ripper's Edge
    "Raikov... You know the difference between Raiden and Raikov?"
  • Shadow Moses Island
    "I just thought it was..."
  • What's THAT About?
    "44. Raikov--Oh, gosh I love this name. Yes, it was simply for the sake of his name. But, Raikov looks so much like Raiden, doesn't he..."
  • Ripper's Edge

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