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  • Hello
  • h e a t . w a v
    "How do I make a quiz"
  • h e a t . w a v
  • "I think you have to make a quiz first. I don't know how to do that, unfortunately"
  • Thing
    "Hi I still need help making a quiz"
  • never have i ever
    "Never have I ever made a quiz"
  • So
    "P4ND4_L0V3R you know how to make a quiz????"
  • So
    "I hope the quizmaster gets here soon maybe he can help us"
  • So
    "Hi do you know how to make a quiz"
  • How do I ma
    "Okay I did it. I'm on my computer now. Now what?"
  • How do I ma
    "Okay now what"
  • How do I ma
    "Hello if you're the quizmaster can you help me make a quiz"
  • How do I ma
    "Hello how do I make a quiz so I can have a profile picture"
  • How do I ma
    "It's not working I can't make a quiz"
  • How do I ma
    "Did I make the quiz"

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