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  • Rp pls
    "Akumu roared at her in anger, his eyes narrowing into a glare"
  • Your mine now
    "He tilted his head and then shrugged, just kinda looking around"
  • The Rose Garden
    "Juuune rp pls"
  • RP anyone?
    ""Nah, can't let you keep making a mess of things"
  • The Skele House
    "*shrieks in alarm and curls into a ball* Ghost: oh no you scared the pillbug"
  • RP anyone?
    "Swarm sat down on the floor "how the f--- should I know" he said, frowning as he thought"
  • RP anyone?
    "Swarm followed after him "alight then, ill make you a bed" he said, the hammock desolving into metalic black sand before reforming into a la..."
  • RP anyone?
    ""Well I know humans need a place to sleep, so I made a hammock in there."
  • RP anyone?
    "He tapped his chin in thought "well, what all do I need to get to keep you comfortable?" He asked, making a gesture towards a door "I've got..."
  • RP anyone?
    ""Well I would hope so" he said in amusement"
  • Spice Rack 2
    "Here's mine :) Entity Of The VOID#4329"
  • Spice Rack 2
    "And I thought Ghost was scary, sheesh"
  • Spice Rack 2
    "Alright war gods are terrifying"
  • Spice Rack 2
    "*more confusiom*"
  • "*narrowly avoids crashing and runs several red lights*"

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