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  • Casa Del Fuego
    "i don't have a dni, but i would much rather be alone, more often than not."
  • Blizzard & Me.
    "Quackity exhaled sharply, sighing quietly. "Why not?!" Gold cried, his calmness disappearing at those words. "Why can't I see x"
  • Blizzard & Me.
    "Quackity frowned at Bad and Skeppy before looking at Gold. "What do you guys need?" He asked sharply. Gold jumped a little, his"
  • Fire in the Dark
    "I don't know why, but all sad songs are comforting as of now."
  • GTQ 2022 RECAP
    "GTQ Guy improved GTQ so many times. and I got some great new friends."
  • Blizzard & Me.
    "Quackity huffed, frowning. "Only fit to assume the other two with him are Bad and Skeppy. Wonder why they had to come..." Gold"
  • The Black Hole of Chaos
    "light a little fire, start a little war. all in a day's work!!"
  • Blizzard & Me.
    "Quackity glanced up at Sapnap and nodded, taking his fiance's hand and reluctantly going over and opening the door. "Are you sure this is a ..."
  • The Kujuto Household
    "i suppose... not a dream stan itself, but a stan of the smp i guess."
  • Blizzard & Me.
    "Gold nodded, squeezing Bad's hand before following the guard. Bad sighed, smiling down at Gold. The guard led the"
  • Blizzard & Me.
    "Quackity sighed, nodding a little. "Yeah, yeah, I think I do." The guard approached the three outside. "You three come inside. "
  • The Kujuto Household
    "mind explaining stanny and what it means?"
  • "oop.... that makes me shudder. then there's dogwater. that one makes me laugh. you're ab"
  • Casa Del Fuego
    "new alt... can't stop listening to star walkin.... it really is my anthem."
  • Blizzard & Me.
    ""Well, they wanted to see if you knew if Lemon was here." The guard said quietly. Quackity cursed rapid fire in Spanish. "Gold."

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