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  • Uncertain Title.
    "Shadow claw, I don't think you should post polls in threads that are other people's."
  • Splash Mountain
    "Hi, you should change your picture if you want to!"
  • so
    "Ok, I understand"
  • so
    "shouldn't he still be your friend even if he's different?"
  • so
    "That must be hard. Are you ok?"
  • so
    "Good luck"
  • so
    "sorry I have to go now"
  • so
    "I'm so sorry for you. I hope it gets better very soon. I hope you get the furniture one tomorrow!"
  • so
    "Just guess! weeks? Months?"
  • so
    "Are you expecting to move soon"
  • so
    "Ok. I hope you move soon."
  • so
    "Hi sorry! Do you think he will?"
  • Poll mountain
  • so
    "I hope you find him!"
  • o___/

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