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  • "luvhungergames2: You are on the right track. You know things others are confused about. On the ark, animals were at peace with one another a..."
  • Just to clear something.
  • "All you need to know is in the Bible. You just need to figure it out. The church's can't help you. They haven't figured it out. This mess we..."
  • "Hephaestus, The Bible is a puzzle. The pieces may look like they don't fit but with enough study, research and especially prayer, they all f..."
  • "Viktor, If there's no Satan, then there's no Jesus Christ who spoke to Satan here on Earth. If there's no JC, then there's no God and so why..."
  • "Strangeling: There's a verse from Ecclesiastes 9:5 that states, "The dead are conscious of nothing at all." Therefore nothing goes on to re-..."
  • "Moyashi, religion is loopholed and confusing. The bible however is not. Human makeup is far too complex to have ever been bacteria. If we ev..."
  • "Tall Tale with Patrick Swayze."
  • "Strangeling, Define incarnate and light beings."
  • "Appayipyip, I honestly believe I have found the truth about all these things. I wasn't even curious. But when I heard it and studied it, I k..."
  • "No to both. God is Almighty. If you believe in creation, He created man and angels with free will. The first man chose the wrong course with..."
  • "We are not re-incarnated. Hell is not hot. God does not test anyone. Satan does, but not God. Christianity today is very misguided and misle..."
  • "You have many good Q's, the answers to which are all available. Do you truly want answers or are you simply venting?"
  • "Thanks, I actually resemble Mario (at least that's what the grandkids tell me)but I'll take cute."
  • "FLgirl92, Steer clear of organized religion as we know it. Good choice. Question everything and expect definite answers from God's word, the..."

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