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  • hello.
    "Okay. Sure."
  • hello.
    "I. Know. I. Am. Not. Badass. But. I. Know. How. To. Be. "
  • I started crying.
    "I. Saw. That. Episode. It. Was. Surprisingly. Horrible. In. My. synops"
  • hello.
    "Dark. You. Arent. That. Deep. And. Dark. Alright. Good. Riddins."
  • Ima back peeps!
    "I. Knew. It. So. How. Was. Your. Break."
  • Ima back peeps!
    "Hn. Kriminal. That sounds. Like. A. Dragon nAME. WoW."
  • hello.
    "So. How. Is. This. Awful. Day? Isn't It. Great?"
  • hello.
    "Hello. What brings you here in my dark throne. I reign this empire. It is filled with dark aura."
  • hello.
  • hello.
    "Hnn.. -picks demon nails-"

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