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  • Comebackz
    "but ur right I am part of a dumb youth and it's good that your telling me to kill myself. makes it better"
  • You Just Got Pringled
    "you probably do.. Impossible to realize!"
  • Comebackz
    "Oh look I did reply"
  • Comebackz
    "Well I didn't make these ALL by myself. You can find these on teen quotes. now stop being a bully and get out of my life."
  • Comebackz
    "Knight. remember, I am youth. I am only 11."
  • Comebackz
    "kait, hmmm. I suppose later. Ghetto thanks for being right to the point and honest. you will truly motivate youth to become inc"
  • You Just Got Pringled
    "bruh you get me"
  • Comebackz
    "hi thanks"
  • Comebackz
  • I am so proud of idubbbz
  • "o-k-a-y"
  • Comebackz
    "some more, tell me what you think of these: if someone calls you ugly say excuse me, I am not a mirror! someone ca"
  • Comebackz
    "If somebody says hi I am Miley say: Oh please tell me you aren't Miley Cyrus.. can I have ur signature? if your friend asks for"
  • "just trying to help"

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