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  • Yo, what if I died
    "I'm back. Fair warning, this rant in particular might turn into a vent. But what else would you expect, as this is the nature o"
  • Yo, what if I died
    "Since I'm here, let's have another "ted talk" as they say. I haven't really got a subject, since I don't do well with my own e"
  • Yo, what if I died
    "That's okay, the last one was quite violent. It was written in an angry stupor, since I had just gotten out of an argument. You'll have to f..."
  • Yo, what if I died
    "Frustration is a curious thing. Is it wrong to want blood? Whether from yourself or someone else? If it's wrong, why do our nat"
  • Yo, what if I died
    "Why apologize? It's fine"
  • Katqueen45
    "Shadow was right, Fritz puts the fabric up to a microscope and looks into it."
  • Yo, what if I died
    "I can't say whether or not I have mental issues, since I've never been professionally tested. I've seen a therapist for a while, but I"
  • Note to self: You Exist.
    "This is not an "official thread" Atleast, not really. Maybe I'll drop some thoughts here; if only to get them out of my "
  • Yo, what if I died
    "Thank you stranger"
  • Yo, what if I died
    "I didn't want to continue, but I fear I must. I've been thinking about thinking. I don't like doing it, but I do "
  • Yo, what if I died
    "It hurts to think that the world will go on, about how small you really are Also, what's the deal with space? It goes on "

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