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  • Who do you ship me with?
    "Not Peter"
  • Hey spice
    ""no, mines the one beside it." Victor said pointing to a small shabby cottage with weeds growing in the front."
  • My R
    ""my mom used to be really close to the secretive author eggaly." Norman said."
  • Hey spice
    "(right 😭) "Just remember I win every argument." Victor said with no malice in his words, he simply wanted to say he wins argume"
  • My R
    ""oh, which book is that?" Norman asked."
  • Council of the gods
    "Th-this may be a stretch here but.... Why don't we give her power to Annie?"
  • "The UwUer"
  • "I'm a telepathic cinnamon roll"
  • "This cinnamon roll has an account now"
  • Eggaly
    ""not really." Yukio said. (You know, cause it's normal in his world)"
  • The Files
    ""no, I'm just being the same insensitive jerk as always." Helios said standing up."
  • Eggaly
    ""we don't read minds very easily." Yukio said."
  • The Files
    ""your parents loved you didn't they." Helios said with a bittersweet laugh. "Must be nice." Helios said as tears started to spill from his e..."
  • Alt Account Tracker
    "This is eggaly's newest alt"
  • The Files
    ""alot of the most terrible moments in my life happened in here, things the global society made legal." Helios said remembering the face of h..."

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