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  • Ren
  • Ren
    "Of course! ....why?"
  • Ren
    "I have a bobby pin!"
  • Ren
    "Hello Prof.Callows! I hope you also have a ‘joyous’ Sunday :)"
  • Team S P O T
    "I am combat ready!"
  • My official thread
    "Ruby : Mayyyybe! Best friend? Really!"
  • My official thread
    "Of course I am friend! ( the third N is my headcannon now that penny would be so excited to make new friends that she’d acciden"
  • My official thread
    "( I’m good actually just waiting on food.)"
  • My official thread
    "Greetings and salutations!"
  • ~Skeleton sheep army~
    "( My head cannon is that if penny got social media she'd be so excited about it she'd mistype her name so yes it's spelt weird on purpose)"
  • So, uhh
    "( Wait do you have a forest dragon? Like the one in the opening she liked that one when she saw it on mine I thought that was the tree drago..."
  • Yang Yang into the room!
    "Howdy Friends!"
  • Hello Friends!
    "( Ignore the typo in her name ) I'm combat ready!"

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