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  • How do I forget?
    "I guess; there's a lot of unattractive things about her :P Those glasses aren't doing anything good for her eyes.."
  • How do I forget?
    "It's like craving to eat junk food but you don't want to. And it's NOT a crush, I'm just starting to warm up to her and I don't want "
  • How do I forget?
    "How do I not think about her though? O.e It's hard to not think about her when she's in nearly every of my classes (except music and Gym) an..."
  • How do I forget?
    "15, if that does anything."
  • How do I forget?
    "There's this girl, I think I like her, but I desperately don't want to. I don't want anything to do with feelings like that, so I don't want..."
  • Would you rather?
    "Stars; they're more interesting than rainbows, and they don't make me sick :P Books or Looks?"
  • "What my life would be like had I been born in a different country."
  • Gtq users you hate most.
  • "Swimming Rowing Archery Basketball Water Polo I hate water polo, I only do it because of my dadb"
  • Invisible
    "This poem is a hefty reminder of recent things in my life. *Invisible* By Lakyn--ME. So perfect"
  • "One thing? Water! My whole life has been with water. I swim it nearly everydayI've only ever done water sports and I wouldn't be able to go ..."
  • "Jade. I can see that some are basing their's off this :P"
    "Define guess. :B"
    "No specific reason. Well, it's very specific, actually. *Sits on bed and frowns* Ahem. O.e xD"
    "I'm worried for this place. :L"

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