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  • Pizza Place
    "whats up motherf---ers my body hurts and ive been hella manic lately"
  • Pizza Place
    "idk either but buisness is buisness yeah np"
  • Pizza Place
    "yeah just provide the ingredients"
  • Pizza Place
    "to your left, on the table"
  • Pizza Place
    "you never picked it up, man its been in the oven"
  • Pizza Place
    "aight june its ready nice to see you too :)"
  • Pizza Place
    "yep set up shop yet again how may i be of service?"
  • Pizza Place
    "yeah its in the oven why cant you eat pizza? you some kinda terrorist?"
  • Pizza Place
    "got out early, they couldnt handle the sauce nah i just had to leave"
  • Pizza Place
    "🍕 here ya go"
  • Pizza Place
    "imagine a whole forum dedicated to a pizza shop wed have a register, the counter, a thread would be called a "table", an oven for the "
  • Pizza Place
    "this is gonna be my new diggs, MTV cribs style order a pizza if you want but expect long service times"
  • "f--- you"
  • "im f---ing sick of blaming myself, it wasnt my fault. i probably shouldve asked about a break, but i thought shed get upset about me wanting..."
  • "boy i just love getting interrupted all the time"

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