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  • br0wnie
    " never fo"
  • No Subject
    "uh oh...."
  • No Subject
    "I voted for myself too tbf I'm def getting canceled next"
  • koolness
    "Can I ask why you aren't Jehovah's Witness then? It seems like a lot of your particular beliefs line up perfectly with the Jehovah's Witness..."
  • koolness
    "Are you Jehovas Witness?"
  • Nightmare discussion
    "I have PTSD and I take medicine to help the nightmares that I get from it so that I'm not tired all the time anymore. My night"
  • "Spice is right! Grooming happens at any age! I only focused on adult-to-child grooming in this post because it is so common online. If anyon..."
  • Gender
    "Socially transitioning is usually the first step people take and can alleviate a lot of dysphoria. Once you're secure in your identity and i..."
  • Welcome to my garden
    "How's it goin?"
  • Welcome to my garden
    "(this is Seth) I am SO GLAD YOU ARE OKAY. You were on my mind all day today. Hope you're doing well. ❤"
  • "Have you tried contacting hospitals in your area and asking if they're there? I'm assuming you know their legal name. Idk about mental hospi..."
  • "Cinnamon"
  • "Mint when I ate a pack of Altoids in one sitting (mistake)"
  • "Peanut butter one time"
  • "Sour milk"

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