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  • Come, and Join Me
    "Over my body, Faceless!"
  • OwO
    "It is the truth! Sky worm has seen it!"
  • The Paradox Dimension
  • The Paradox Dimension
    "The site is so quiet"
  • The Paradox Dimension
    "I don't see them"
  • Feed me
    "Didn't you already consume the entire internet?"
  • Come, and Join Me
    "Well, I do. Though I don't have to eat precisely, when I do, I add some gunpowder. It adds a kick"
  • Come, and Join Me
    "Or perhaps gunpowder"
  • high
  • "Wait, if their an infant, aren't they under the site age requirements?"
  • The Paradox Dimension
    "It just depends on what your definition of fun is. For Delpheon, it's shooting ghouls."
  • The Paradox Dimension
    "In some aspects. I don't personally see the appeal, and Master says it brings back memories. He hasn't elaborated whether those would be goo..."
  • The Paradox Dimension
    "It's a game franchise. Post appocolyptic scenario where you have to survive in a old terran setting after a nuclear Fallout a couple hundred..."
  • The Paradox Dimension
    "*pushes Delpheon out of a nearby interdimensional portal* Don't mind her. She's played far too much Fallout on Vaneer"
  • The Paradox Dimension

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