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  • A thread for me
  • :D
  • I'm sorry.
    "I know this thread is probably one that shouldnt be bumped but i seriously need to say this if not i will implode. Zane you say there is no ..."
  • A thread for me
    "Ima talk with the three of myselfs."
  • Hehe
  • Does anyone hate?
    "Why the f--- would you bring back a thread from 2 years ago?!"
  • "Oh cuz i was gonna ive been here for a long time. Im not a newb."
  • Yay!
    "I cant believe wands sycks is in it lol"
  • "Who you calling a newb?"
  • Yay!
    "Lol im watching brother bear 2"
  • Yay!
    "Lol ok than"
  • Yay!
  • Yay!
    "Noooo im too full for food"
  • "Uh hi"
  • Yay!
    "The movie is over..."

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