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  • A Rift in the Void
    "Yall wana see the wip of thunder cat?"
  • A Rift in the Void
    "If your mine then your your a pet."
  • A Rift in the Void
    "Current favorite pet: June Psa! I personally see June as an otter"
  • "That would absolutely kill you do not Also cats if you ate any part of me you would be assimilated into me! I just tested it wi"
  • Rp pls
    "Akumu screamed in pain and reared back, thrashing around as luminescent blue fluid poured out of his mouth"
  • Rp pls
    "Erratum seemed tired, shaking a little"
  • "Or meat, for that matter. If you cut off bits they just melt"
  • "Cats I don't have blood :/"
  • Your mine now
    "Theta blinked at her in confusion, not sure what that word ment"
  • "I was merely adding my own superior recipe to the list~"
  • Rp pls
    "Akumu slammed into the ground, his teeth sinking into the dirt around her as several void tendrils extending out of the back of his throat t..."
  • A Rift in the Void
    "Yall caught me in Chaotic Evil DM mode"
  • "Cats Milkshake. 1 Cats Ice 1 cup cream 2 cups milk Rock salt Whipped topping 1- rem"
  • Rp pls
    "Erratum leaned his head against her, mumbling what might have been a thanks"
  • Rp pls
    "No plot :("

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