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  • ~New Flame~
    "Yay! One good three good deeds down seven more to go!"
  • Dear diary,
    "Well, I'm back again. And hopefully I'll post more."
  • ~New Flame~
    "You're really beautiful Charl!!! Starting to wish I was like you"
  • "@sarah: your lips are small and cute💜💜💜 @ghostgirl: love your lipstick and your glasses! You're cute!"
  • "@second picture: Those eyes😍😍😍 Those preeeeetty eyes😘😘😍😍💋💋💋💝💝"
  • "Rating: 7/10 The producers shouldve done better :("
  • "this drama deserves a better ending like we actually don't know what happen after that scene with yun seung and jin pyo there are too many l..."
  • Korean Thread :P
    "Great! Korean dialogue to start off with?"
  • "(Why you gotta be so rude? "That's a song.") Push away, give a death look and then walk away."
  • Dear diary,
    "This is just a story. Its not actually reality or what happens to me...I guess. But still, not. I'm currently thinking of what "
  • "(ba dumb tsss)"
  • Dear diary,
  • Korean Thread :P
    "I love this so much!!! (And I'm also obsessed with Korean) More please!!!!!"
  • ~New Flame~
    "Could we do a roleplay of it? Please????? (Byebye)"
  • ~New Flame~
    "I love City Hunter!!!! And every other KPOP drama series!!!! Korean movies are the best!!!!!! And its great to finally have someone th"

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