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  • ":33 < equius took me to a cat cafe last w33k i had fun. i want to get a cat. they remind me of my lusus. i miss "
  • ":33 < to be honest. s33ing gamz33 again was difficult fur me and equius, but he’s b33n getting what the humans call therapy. the ma"
  • ":33 < that sounds terrifying. at least i have a chance to make more friends. i’ve b33n spending some time with dirk. "
  • ":33 < i can’t imagine a world where i can’t be with equius or the others after i die. i’d miss them all too much. vivian said"
  • ":33 < there’s twelve of them, so i’m not too afraid that they’ll hurt us. we outnumber them, but they have some powerhouses on the"
  • ":33 < their mind player is very similar to terezi but also very very diffurrent his name is charlie he’s marrows meowrail or the h"
  • ":33 < vivian is a void player just like my meowrail but she really likes cats and we’ve hunted together recently she s33ms very ki"
  • ":33 < marrow and their sessions players ended up mixing in with ours. i’m not sure if i trust them yet, but i’ve befriended one of their "
  • ":33 < we’re not sure yet why we came back to life but i’m glad we all get a second chance. even some of us who may not deserve it"
  • ":33 < i wanted to take some fur everyone but jane and i ran out of batter beclaws someone kept eating it. she blamed john."
  • ":33 < i took equius some brownies today i’ve b33n learning how to bake from jane it’s a lot of fun fur sure"
  • ":33 < hello aradia had to take a break so it’s me right meow"
  • Heph's thread
    "[[ Heph weird question, but what was the name of that demon of you made? The guy who liked masks? Like I honk he was a succubus or something..."
  • "20"
  • Land of Stars and Echoes

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