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  • "Amaterasu Okami"
  • Grr...
    "*pauses, glancing back at your, tail wagging* Woof!"
  • Grr...
    "*doors open* *jumps up, rushing inside quickly*"
  • Grr...
    "*tilts head again, wagging tail*"
  • "Heph: That's good. ^_^"
  • Grr...
    "*grow impatient, flicks tail, light glimmers on barrier then fades* Grr... *barks at barrier, annoyed*"
  • Grr...
    "*door is sealed shut with a demonic barrier* *watches you closely*"
  • Grr...
    "*wags tail at being recognized, barks, motioning with tail to door* Grrr.."
  • Grr...
    "*glances over at him, tilting head slightly*"
  • "[Who?]"
  • Grr...
    "*paces outside temple, tail swishing in annoyance, doors are barred shut* *barks at doors, to no avail*"

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