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  • The Gods Call
    "Sorrel steps in front of syllie and growls at Tech when be bares his fangs at her. " back the f--- off." He hisses. " I'd rather you d"
  • The Gods Call
    "" oh defintley. Wasn't lying when I said we're experienced in killing these things." Sorrel chirps at his brother. " alright, I thibk we...s..."
  • Spoce spoke spoce
  • Silridge
  • The Gods Call
    "Sorrel kneels down to touch the tentacle, his eyes Glowing white, as he casts his tracking spell, just so it won't seem suspicious when he a..."
  • The Gods Call
    "Sorrel nods. " My friend and I heard of what happened, and we came here to retrieve your son." He says gently. " you have our word, he will ..."
  • Magic in the mystery
    "No, sorry! We have enough people, we are just waiting on Ranboo!"
  • "Name: Keyciel Age: appears to be in his mid thirties Pronouns: They/he Species: God of humanity Personality: Calm"
  • Powered Adoption
    "Laurence shudders uncomfortably when Vincent brings up Nero, before he nods at the kids as he approaches and begins to free them, " we'll be..."
  • High Sea Revenge
    "Zephyr hums slightly. " Inki huh? That's a nice name. Mines zephyr." Storm says as they stretch. " So, here...often?" Z..."
  • Powered Adoption
    "Laurence glances back at Vincent after most of the children refuse to answer, but his gaze then locks on Feyri, eyes softening. " Shad"
  • Powered Adoption
    "" names laurence, I'm the last surviving cetra, and my blood was used to give you, your powers." Laurence says. " we're from a group th..."
  • Powered Adoption
    "Laurence's eyebrows furrowed at the barrage of questions, as he looks at Vincent wanting his partner to deal with answering the question whi..."
  • On the Hunt
    "XD yeah you can join with Lamras, Moth had posted this idea originally in the dnd server lol"
  • On the Hunt
    "Name: Sorrel Age: "10" Species: hyzanilk Class: Technically, a Druid. Though he breaks the class system through "

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