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  • My forest of sloths.
    "I'm back Me and uta were in the bedroom but seriously I'm at school now bye ove u uta"
  • Lagiacrus
    "No that's me just in this account on my phone because I'm at school now"
  • Lagiacrus
    "Sky I'm here to apologise, I get little too angry when I'm hungry , I understand it was likely an accident thastbyou used the wrong gender a..."
  • Kingdom of inkoria~
  • "Are you still there did she give you anything?( tis me gas Lyle )"
  • Causeway and Misfire
    "Thanks but please only if you have the time . (I still owe you a drawing from the challenge thread )"
  • Causeway and Misfire
    "One of me with any one of my mates would be nice XP or really me any my partner he's short green eyed and red haired looks like a girl and w..."
  • "It's Lyle )"
  • Causeway and Misfire
    "I forgot the twins...man they're going to kill me , cybertronian twins are counted as one entity and jazz and prowl were pre bonded before m..."
  • Causeway and Misfire
    "That's funny. Well it's me , ratchet , jazz prowl and I don't like to talk about my final spark mate I was intoxicated when it "
  • Hi!
    "Don't be I'm just a regular seeker. Primus being my old mech really shouldn't matter. I can create robo-cats though . I like robo cats"
  • "No they will be pressing charges against you for wasting their time. You were playing a game and ypu also chose kill for Saara a few times."
  • Causeway and Misfire
    "Probaly...I, trying to work out how it's possible to have as many spark mates as I do. It's not possible . A three way bond is the most ever..."
  • Hi!
    "( Yeah this is me just roleplaying as misfire :) )"
  • Causeway and Misfire
    "It's fine and good, partner is eating cake and annoying ratchet so I'm here."

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