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  • "[no urls] [no urls]"
  • Hey um....
    "Miden, come back home, please, your father hasn't been eating and aikan misses you"
  • My R
    ""probably." Norman said jumping on the path."
  • Deadline
    "(I remember those alternative endings) Mikan had remembered all those years of loneliness that melted away when she met Aiden."
  • ""so, we're actually gods?!" Peter shouted. He couldn't believe it."
  • Hey spice
    ""We write books." Victor said opening the bottle and pouring half of it into the glass."
  • Council of the gods
    "*finally stops crying after five thousand years* I-, it's been so long. *Hugs back*"
  • Council of the gods
    "(Aiden died in the timeline she's in rn hence Me saying the goddess timeline and all the crying) I-i-i thought you died "
  • My R
    ""I used to catch rabbits all the time." Norman said."
  • Deadline
    ""well, everyone loves ghost in the drawer, even my dad." Mikan said."
  • ""s-so, umm, is that really true Engle?" Peter said blushing"
  • Hey spice
    ""oof, that's rough." Victor said drinking water with a disgusted face, he knew it was essential, but he hated water."
  • In a Room
    "Imma join with Elra the adorable"
  • Spice Rack 2
    "Really? Pitch me the idea"
  • Council of the gods
    "That's........ Painful.......... *Continues sobbing* (She's in her goddess timeline rn)"

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