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  • The hall of gods
    "Th-thats so sad. *Starts crying with spice*"
  • The hall of gods
    "Could you two please stop fighting? You're gonna make me cry with all this negativity"
  • Easter/Wester rp
    "It couldn't be. Her neck looked completely healed, and her outfit was against the twelve principles of Yusa."
  • The maltrax family
    "No, he doesn't talk about his family much."
  • The maltrax family
    "We don't have family reunions anymore"
  • The maltrax family
    "Yes unfortunately, she's always been attached to my father for some reason. That's why I can't let her out of the house most of the time"
  • The maltrax family
    "Oh my, looks like we need to send her back to rehab, and file another restraining order"
  • The maltrax family
    "Hey kids! I'm back from the store and I got gifts for all my little babies who behaved! So spice eggaly which ones have been meanies?"
  • The maltrax family
    "Miden, give me my wallet, I need to go get the surprise"
  • The maltrax family
    "Aiden, have you seen my wallet around here?"
  • Can't you hear them
    "You couldn't possibly expect him to listen, he can't even here the city's earthquakes when he sits on the edge"
  • "[no urls] [no urls]"
  • Hey um....
    "Miden, come back home, please, your father hasn't been eating and aikan misses you"
  • My R
    ""probably." Norman said jumping on the path."
  • Deadline
    "(I remember those alternative endings) Mikan had remembered all those years of loneliness that melted away when she met Aiden."

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