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  • Here we go.
  • "Mewtwo Pokemon"
  • pft
    "I'm the Champion of the Elite Four. I can easily enforce this. All it takes is some mind control."
  • pft
    "Yours? You can have it. I have no desire to deal with it. I will."
  • What are you looking at?
    "I wipe my mind clean of past memories."
  • pft
    "Humans are adorable. I wonder how many pokeballs it would take to catch a nurse? I'll be the first human trainer."
  • What are you looking at?
    "Nah, that was directed to Maru. My apologies. No. I don't hug bugs. Perfection is not imperfect. I am your pro"
  • pft
    "*levitates a few inches off the ground, crosses my arms, flicks my tail back and forth* Hag."
  • pft
    "*snaps my fingers causing a book to fly at Chris's head*"
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    "Yes, Mewtwo. I was made to be perfect. A what?"
  • What are you looking at?
    "Perfect beings such as myself have no need to care for dirt. Feelings? I have no need for "feelings"."
  • pft
    "I am well versed in human. You appear to be what they refer to as a hag."
  • What are you looking at?
    "*tail twitches in annoyance* Am I to care about that weakling's well being?"
  • What are you looking at?
  • Hmph.
    "*glomped* I'll crush you. I still think that's a bribe."

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