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  • Ow. :I
    "Viper: Oh, come on you two, that did not hurt. Winter: Did tho. Viper: Did not. Winter: Did "
  • You can all rot in hell.
    "Ridged: :I You're mean. Roy: She needs to learn some manners. Eric: Tsk. Bad child. I'm only"
  • Ah, s---.
    "*teasing silence* *then* Why don't you make me, Daddy's girl? *brings her sword up, cutting h"
  • Ah, s---.
    "*laughs* *turns head, drops down, slipping behind her* *presses her sword tip into her back a bit* You'll ha"
  • Ah, s---.
    "*grins* You can try, but- *steps back, tipping the table over* *hooks her sword in one of the light "
  • Ah, s---.
    "Iann: *starts to lead them over to a table, but stops, spinning towards the direction of some yelling across the room* ..Maveen. *sighs* ..."

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