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  • You all are greedy.
    "make ur own"
  • "Well, I mean, when you post your pass on a public forum, this is inevitable."
  • "Ahh. Alright."
  • "Excuse you?"
  • "This is the second time this has happened to them."
  • You know
    "oh s--- finally I can drop the superior typing style that s--- is annoying heyyy"
  • Confession.
  • You know
    "I suuuppose."
  • You know
    "That poll was on that account before I took it. I'm hurt you guys don't know who I am. :c"
  • You know
    "You are horribly wrong, but nice try. These were the only two who posted their pass. I can take care of them easily enough. "
  • You know
    "Do you? I'm curious. Who do you assume I am?"
  • You know
    "I also took the other account. Remember kids, post your passwords and anyone can take your accounts. It isn't hacking, thus "
  • No Subject
  • No Subject
    "so your a dark brown fox. :3"
  • No Subject
    "my sis is older than you,ha! :P"

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