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    "31 Not OC"
  • "(whispers Dark knows there is another who actually is better with Loki so who has that account??)"
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    "Number of quizzes: 7"
  • Cavernclan
    "(TAKE IT BACK Now.. We just need to visit a lot of stores on earth that have cats that we can steal.)"
  • Cavernclan
    "(I was thinking that maybe he'd be quiet if we put cats in his home. He wouldn't be able to walk because he wouldn't have a heart to kill th..."
  • Cavernclan
    "(THEY WERE BEAUTIFUL YOU TAKE THAT BACK RIGHT NOW Good~ Now, want to help me make Thor shut up?)"
  • Cavernclan
    "(New York was too big to begin with. I was just making it smaller. I can become your master, and you can be my servant, Rave."
  • ....
    "Every day is a bad day because Thor and his posse are still breathing. Maybe. But it'd have to be earth to make me happy all of the time."
  • Cavernclan
    "(For the record, he didn't give me that drink that he offered when I wanted it. That's called being disrespectful. *smacks her again on the ..."
  • ....
    "Now I want to attempt to control your race again. You're all extremely rude. Be more ashamed. I'm horrible. Thor.. Well, neve"
  • ....
    "Be ashamed. e3e"
  • Cavernclan
    "(BOW NOW. *smacks Lucky's head with staff* *no one ever said I could RP him perfectly okay*)"
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    "I screwed up the stupid account thingy. I hate humanity. It's all your fault, humans. Be ashamed."

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