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  • My thread:3
    "But is he attractive? Orrr you see him as just a coworker maybe a friend?"
  • Basic Rider
    "My bike trading course will now be on October 5th at 8:30 am This kinda sucks buuut maybe I’ll get training from someone I know who"
  • My thread:3
    "You definitely were speeding, I called the cops on ya and they are on their way. So wrap your bike now in yellow and pink. That way they can..."
  • My thread:3
    "That’s crazy good 👍🏽 And a pic of your bike"
  • My thread:3
    "You have a pic of your helmet"
  • My thread:3
    "Treat yourself to one"
  • My thread:3
    "*are they ridiculous or what?"
  • My thread:3
    "Hey, on my way home I say someone that had this on their helmet ..."
  • Tidbit Thread
    "Recently I’ve been collecting Pokemon cards. Hopefully to become rich by collecting popular cards that are being sold for thousand"
  • Tidbit Thread
    "I keep forgetting when stranger things new season comes out"
  • Tidbit Thread
    "Just recently submitted my research paper for school. Idk I just feel like it’s a B kind of work. Hopefully watching YouTube will ease my mi"
  • Tidbit Thread
    "A lot of people go through this…"
  • Tidbit Thread
  • Tidbit Thread
    "I wonder if my biological father (if alive) has ever thought about me. I do once in a blue moon. Maybe I’ve thought of him on most"
  • My thread:3
    "I was watching bike videos and just wondered. You’re able to use Cardo and talk to other bikes? Like how does that even work? Can y"

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