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  • Alone Till Christmas
    ""We didn't so that! The poor girl is being offered up by the mayor. we don't have any say on it. If we refuse he'll fire us and i have two d..."
  • "Angel had an idea. She gathered a bunch of lava, snapped and cooled it. She could teleport to a country if she had a lock of the persons hai..."
  • "Shirimo please!"
  • Fantastasia Academy
    "*she had two other files tucked under the first."
  • Fantastasia Academy
    "Sorry for second post being on a phone sucks) Darcy set the file down, before suddenly picking it up and going out. What she was doing"
  • Fantastasia Academy
    "Darcy turned around, a confused expression on her face as she slowly set the file down and turned to Cindy and Melissa, "no it is NOT a club..."
  • The Dying Heart Casino
    "*slams money on counter* GIMME THE BEER seriously though what's happening?"
  • "A screw from the robot suddenly flew off and landed..... In opals gem. She blinked, "ow. Is something supposed to happen-" *le poof.* harleq..."
  • "Latvia had decided instead of that defense she had hidden her crystal in the strangest, most unexpected place you would find it. She hummed ..."
  • "Harlequin went off running. In a few moments of teleporting and grabbing duff and started assembling Something. She turned around and there ..."
  • The Famous Five
    "Angel grabbed anna, digging her nails into the collar of her outfit as she started running and yelling to shishi."
  • "*I literally just realized that. I'll have to make a slight alter to her personality so I'll just add childish. I really am sorry i didn't n..."
  • "King: I LIKE THIS ONE *dives in a demonic room* K.o: *beating the s--- out of jack* Tsuki: i ship it better! Venus: *shove"
  • "Angel twirled around, her young 10 year old mind (thought truthfully she acts like a 6 year old) screaming for something interesting to happ..."
  • 5
    "s--- I FORGOT THIS IM SORRY) Angel was in her apartment, raising and eyebrow and scrolling through her computer with a blank expressio"

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