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  • "I missed you, buddy. Hard to do this work without ya."
  • "Don't worry, Zilla. We will rise again.. eventually. Ah, _Mammon, glad to see you off discord for once."
  • ";)"
  • "I always knew it."
  • House of Lamentation
    "*He makes a split second decision here, moving to gently toss Ian to the side- like, really gently, he just doesn't want her in between him ..."
  • House of Lamentation
    "*at that, he seems to stop again, but his glare doesn't stop, shaking his head* Yeah, what? Normal and able to be controlled, to just"
  • House of Lamentation
    "*he seems to falter for a second at Lucifer's tone, but at the sound of Ian's voice, he focuses on her, worriedly backing up again* Y"
  • House of Lamentation
    "Can't you all just- leave me alone.. ugh. *he has to eventually stop, growling lowly, and spinning back around to glare at them, wing"
  • House of Lamentation
    "*he curses under his breath at the spell, slowing down some, but he still tries to push through because f--- off this is mine??* Just"
  • House of Lamentation
    "*he backs up more, glaring now, but when Beel approaches, he lashes out, kicking hard at the other's stomach, before holding Ian close and t..."
  • House of Lamentation
    "*at the arrival of the others, he's partially relieved, but also becomes protective, pulling her closer to him* What are you talking "
  • House of Lamentation
    "Lailah: *is coming with them, sighing deeply* How about you don't s--- talk your brother in front of me? Wait until this is over. "
  • "I'm calling the mods."
  • * commits war crimes*
    "Stop right there."
  • "Disgusting."

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