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  • Help!
    "He's a man-whore. All I'm gonna say on this matter."
  • Shadey, please come here.
    "If you were awesome you wouldn't have to constantly be making threads every five f---ing minutes. Because if you were awesome everyone would..."
  • What Are You Thinking Of?
    "How badly I want the whole world to plunge into eternal suffering and darkness."
  • Current Emotion
    "f---ing pissed off at my dad. Which is making my patience thin, so scratch that. I'm pissed at the whole f---ing world."
  • Shadey, please come here.
    "Would you mind making one thread and sticking to it? Because I had just counted and there are nine threads made by you on the first page. Th..."
  • "“Who is Malphas?” she said. Aiden stood there and gaped at her like she had just grown another head. “Well… I kind of"
  • Obama
    "Yeah, trying his hardest to make this country suck even more than it already does."
  • *hurrys like crap*
    "that's not kool. bye Heph!"
  • EVERYONE!!!!!!!
    "Bye Sisi! Have fun and if anyone threatens you tell them you know this insane chick in Texas that will run over there sooner then they can b..."
  • "The weight of everyone’s eyes were upon Sin. She looked into all of them. Some were full of anger, some with disbelief, and others were st"
  • This Is Epic!
  • "The Handsome Warren one, where she tries to impress that one dude and wears a dog collar. xD (Vampi btw)"
  • What Are You Thinking Of?
    "Blade. x)"
  • Current Emotion
  • Current Emotion
    "Bored, tired, and depressed and kinda happy at the same time."

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