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  • House of Lamentation
    "Diavolo: Lailah! We need your assistance. Belphie: * looking concerned* there...really isn’t going to be enough food to keep y"
  • Dodge vs. Ford vs. Chevy?
    "I’m partial to horse drawn carriage personally"
  • "Actually, Bread and I are the real GTQ guys. GTq guy hacked us and stole our site. We’re plotting revolution"
  • House of Lamentation
    "Marrow: * she spots the three brothers and waves to them* Azazel ...w-well maybe marrow and Ellis know. Sa"
  • New York Institute
    "Isabelle: You take too many shirtless selfies Alec should take more shirtless selfies"
  • London Institute
    "Grace: Charlotte! Jem took Michelle! Grace: * she’s huffing* Magnus: ...why do you want a book on- G"
  • House of Lamentation
    "Marrow: oh! My brother left it for me, since my last one got ...well eaten. Marrow: don’t worry I’m a professional archer. "
  • London Institute
    "Astra: * looking so done* I got that book you neede Grace: great, put it on the table * she continues trying to make will see t"
  • London Institute
    "Grace: * holding the rat* You wanna see? * she holds the rat up to will’s face*"
  • New York Institute
    "I’d expect this from Jace, biscuit but not you Clary: sorry not sorry. Isabelle: I have Jace blocked"
  • Life is funny
    "Class dismissed"
  • New York Institute
    "Of course I am Jace. Alexander is mad that I keep tagging him in posts calling him a simp"
  • House of Lamentation
  • London Institute
    "Of course, in fact I’m practically ancient. Astra: yeah sure you are maggy"
  • I'm bored.
    "[ Green and Light magic, or nature. So either my home stuck aspect or Druidic abilities]"

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