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Joined on May 7, 2010
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  • hello?
    "This one's old too."
  • Um, hello!
    "I got to go, nice meeting you Carri and Roady :) Btw hope things go well"
  • Um, hello!
    "I wrote that before your 2nd comment lol"
  • Um, hello!
    "Aw it'll be fine, maybe it needs to charge"
  • Um, hello!
    "That sucks lol good idea Carri"
  • Bands/Musicians
    "Avril Lavigne All Time Low Fall Out Boy Panic! At the Disco Three Days Grace 30 Seconds to Mars My"
  • Um, hello!
    "Oh gosh, I just realized it's almost 3 in the morning lol but I have terrible insomnia"
  • Um, hello!
    "LoL Yup it's a sheet of music :)"
  • Where are you from?
    "lol Cool, my life isn't close to what you see on tv. Way more boring"
  • What are you?
    "lol Nice :)"
  • Um, hello!
    "Nice lol I'll most likely come back to meet everybody and I'll have to go read those stories, I love reading/writing :)"
  • Um, hello!
    "Wow sounds very cool, do a lot of people come to these forums?"
  • Um, hello!
    "Nice, I'll check it out soon and maybe bring some of stories too"
  • Um, hello!
    "You said you weren't liking me already so I wrote a bit about myself"
  • Um, hello!
    "Ok, well I really like writing and music, I write poems and sometimes short stories. I play violin in Orchestra, I write some music and I li..."

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