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  • Vice
    "He sits at the bar, stirring a mixed drink boredly. The performer is lovely, and he's not just saying that because she's his good friend's ..."
  • "what"
  • "*kicks a rock* *why are there rocks in this thread* *what does this thread look like*"
  • "Full Name: Lucilloretto Nicknames: Lucille, Lucy, Dollface Birthday: September 20, 2037 Age: 18 Sign: Virgo Se"
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  • Hey!
    "(sehei you are so full of s---)"
  • Hey!
    "Oh, no joke. By the way, sir, I'm always out for career advancement. I'm an experienced hoe."
  • Hey!
    "He sells weapons, monopolizes entire cities worth of businesses, and runs a lot of whore houses. But plot twist! He thinks he can do all t..."
  • Hey!
    "(oh my god)"
  • Hey!
    "Sehei and I are such good friends because we both have this funny habit of knowing things we're not supposed to know! ..."
  • Hey!
    "(there's literally nothing legal about anything he does lmao)"
  • Hey!
    "(holy s---, she's precious)"
  • Hey!
    "(that's your sister?)"
  • Hey!
    "Well, I am. He's around here somewhere, too, but I lost him pretty much the second we walked in here."
  • Hey!
    "I'm a good friend of Sehei's. He hasn't mentioned me?"

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