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  • Aviemore
    "Yes or they can experience fighting a viaricouse"
  • "How is that a bad thing!?"
  • "Oak worshipper!"
  • Aviemore
    "Like skydiving"
  • Aviemore
    "it let's you experience thrills what no longer bind us"
  • Aviemore
    "To your left you can see the great electris generator, it's the main source of entertainment here"
  • Aviemore
    "She'll never be in my favor, but let's move on *Resumes walking*"
  • Aviemore
    "I believe she does, but not as a lover but as a friend"
  • "Girlfriend snatcher"
  • Aviemore
    "He stole my girlfriend, not only that, he proposed to her"
  • Aviemore
    "Of course that discourtious cur is my brother"
  • "Cave boy!"
  • Aviemore
    "But I will tell you that a discourtious odious heckling hermit lives in those caverns"
  • "I'll do what I want you heckling hermit"
  • "I'm afraid I cannot my queen"

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