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  • "Uh oh"
  • "Tima: Hey, I won't be able to talk here for bit since I have to continue getting ready for the party. I'll try to come back later if I can, ..."
  • "Just as I had arrived to say hello. Well, duty calls anyway"
  • "Hmm, seems like she had to go"
  • "Kalafina: I understand. Well you have definitely done a good job so far. Sadly, I must take my leave. Duty calls. Have a nice evening!"
  • "Kalafina: Thank you for appreciating my typing style. I think that yours is particularly eloquent as well"
  • "Nerdist: Ah, you wear the emblem of the hunter? Haven't met a guardian who wears that emblem proudly in quite a while. Happy hunting, young ..."
  • "1714: I'm sorry to say that you are mistaken Kalafina: You are very welcome, Kalafina. May the light of the Traveler illuminate the pa"
  • "Kalafina: I usually like to go hunting through the Cosmodrome, or scavenging the Plaguelands for resources. Though my main task is protectin..."
  • "Kalafina: I'm doing very well at the moment. Just searching for something to do. How about you, young wolf?"
  • "Kalafina: No worries, guardian! I have no fear of anyone targeting me, for I have been through many battles throughout my life. I am prepare..."
  • "1714: It seems as if you hold some bad feelings toward Kalafina, but she is right. You did send out the signals of someone who wanted to bat..."
  • Patch Notes
    "I wonder what is next on my journey through life. I sense a lot of pain and strife ahead, but that does not scare me. It instills nothing bu..."
  • seriously, f--- islam
    "Hello, 1714! Its not nice to judge someone based on their views! While you may not agree, it is very mean-spirited to direct your opinion in..."
  • Patch Notes
    "Ah, the sun is shining bright over the horizon and the crisp winter breeze is gracing this fine land. It really makes a man appreciate livin..."

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