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  • "My blood is ichor."
  • "I don't think you would want my blood, it's a bit odd."
  • It's quiet again.
    "My name's Calypso, and this is my island. I'm sure you're very far from wherever you're from."
  • It's quiet again.
    "You need to be careful... ending up here isn't usually a good thing, Laurence. *she eventually pulls the cloth away, setting it aside"
  • It's quiet again.
    "*Thank you!* *She moves to get up, quickly going back to the table and grabbing something before returning, moving to press an odd sm"
  • It's quiet again.
    "*can you tell me the full extent of his injuries so I know how to fix him?*"
  • It's quiet again.
    "*she quickly notices that, worriedly shift to get back up* My name is.. Calypso, are you okay? Can you move?"
  • "[Thank u for the tots, uwu]"
  • "[Food please.]"
  • It's quiet again.
    "*ok fair to say she jumps back and falls on her butt, startled, gold eyes wide* Ah- um, it's o-okay-"
  • It's quiet again.
    "*she notices something a bit away, and moves to stand, heading closer- and upon seeing it's a person she rushes over, crouching down beside ..."
  • Heph's thread
  • It's quiet again.
    "*she sips tea at a table in her garden, on her island all alone, the sound of the ocean her only companion right now* I wish one of t"
  • Oh kay.
    "Heph: Hell if I know. *vanishes, but then reappears on our side of the mirror* What happened? *black cloak is gone, is wearin"
  • "Heph: I KNEW IT. ..Not gonna ask."

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